Tuesday, November 30, 2004

‘Thinking Positive’

‘Lest I get too morose, through another holiday season, yesterday I decided I would start to try and think a bit more positively. I mean… what could that possibly hurt, right?

I can’t tell you how many times some person has said to me, “If only you would change your attitude…” Some of these same people are destitute, in prison or in crack houses now, so I’m not sure how much worth a “positive” attitude holds.

My apologies to Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie and the horse-looking guy on the early-morning infomercials.

It was the writings of one of my favorite Founding Fathers, Ben Franklin, who impressed upon me the idea of being a pessimist in the first place. Franklin said — I paraphrase here — “If I always am optimistic, I am often disappointed. If I am pessimistic, I am often pleasantly surprised.”

I’m not sure if Franklin had it right either. I’ve often been pessimistic AND often disappointed. But, then, nobody who has ever talked to me about my “attitude” ever accomplished the things Franklin did. So, I am left to believe he may have been more right than the people I’ve known.

So, I decided to try and be optimistic yesterday.

Monday found the streets and the ground everywhere cover in ice and snow. With winter coming, I’ve been expecting problems with the van. Usually a change in temperatures is when mechanical things will break. The coldest day so far, yesterday, did not allow for any change in this science.

Yesterday the “thing” that decided to give me trouble was the radiator cap… a $4 piece of metal that, without being replaced, left the car spewing steam from the hood.

I tried to maintain my “positive attitude” through driving Michelle to work on icy roads, the windshield being obscured by steam and with Hispanics in hot rods tailgating me. Not to mention I shouldn’t have been driving anyway due to eyesight problems. But, Michelle is afraid to drive on ice.

At the time I did not realize the radiator cap had crapped out, so I lost precious hours coming home and diddling with the vehicle and thinking that the van was overheating because of low oil pressure.

Thinking the problem had been corrected I did not purchase the $4 radiator cap. Monday evening, by the time I brought LA to Boy Scouts and drove to Michelle’s workplace to get her, it became apparent that the cap WAS the problem and that it would not only be difficult to get home but that we might have a problem even retrieving LA from Boy Scouts.

The fun part was that last night the temperature dropped down to 7-degrees. After getting home, my “positive attitude” took additional hits, along with the radiator… in the cold, in the dark and with the auto parts store closed.

I drove to get LA thinking that we might be walking home in a sub-zero wind chill, but I managed to get him and get back (with a minimum of steam).

Today Michelle is taking a sick day, I am working on the van, assembling Matthew’s paperwork for school (yes… four weeks have gone by already), doing laundry and trying to prep Sheyanne for her Homeschool evaluation.

At the same time I’ve been trying to maintain a “positive attitude” through all of this I have been reflecting on my day yesterday.

Let’s see… well… the van DID NOT blow up. We could have a nice car and an additional note instead of the crappy Bush Mobile van. I might have been rear-ended on the ice and shot with an Uzi by some hulking Hispanic guy. I might be alone and unemployed in the house all the time instead of being unemployed and with the children 24/7.

You know what? The hell with this “positive” crap… to hell with Carnegie and Peale.

I’m re-reading my Franklin.

Monday, November 29, 2004

‘The Grand Illusion’

Well, here we go. It’s time for what I like to call the “annual Christmas cram,” which always begins in earnest the Monday after the Thanksgiving Day holiday.

The ads on TV have been going since even before Halloween. Now they have picked up in intensity and volume. They all have that annoying, jingling soundtrack underneath them.

Yes, that’s right… I’m one of those “bah, humbug” types.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate what it is Christmas represents… I do. But I don’t think Christmas really represents what it is supposed to in any decent way. It’s less about the fact that Jesus Christ was born and more like some twisted and perverted nightmare about Santa, fruitcake, selfishness, deforestation and the wholesale slaughter of turkeys.

Christmas is more like “dope,” where you always need more and more of it and it can kill you because of your addiction. Christmas is sugar, caffeine, nicotine… heroin.

Christmas, as far as I can tell, is more about sales and marketing and gifts and Santa Claus and tacky decorations and expense and pressure and debt than anything about Jesus Christ.

In fact, these days, Jesus is almost twice removed from the holiday celebrating His birth, as the entire Christmas season can pass with hardly a mention of his name and, now, the forces of “PC” are even trying to get the word “Christmas” extracted from everyday language. Nobody who loves and celebrates Christmas ever bats an eyelash over any of this.

Sadly, Christmas never causes people to behave better the rest of the year, when the principles and behavior that Jesus preached and promoted are supposed to be put into practice by us mortals. At the most we will get a week or so of decency out of most people or, simply, less oppression from them before and on December 25th.

(Time for the obligatory “Bah, Humbug”)

For some reason — during Christmas — people are able to delude themselves into believing that the “Spirit of Christmas” is not found in the bible or in the words of Jesus Christ or even in their hearts but in their wallets, their possessions, their decorations and at Wal-Mart and Radio Shack.

There are those who decry Christmas because of the “religion” involved in the celebration. I don’t think these people have anything to worry about. Christmas hasn’t had anything to do with “religion” for many, many years now.

I remember one Christmas a long time ago. That year the “Cabbage Patch” dolls were the big item. I was in a store buying new headphones for work when the loudspeaker told 100 or so maniacs that there were “50 Cabbage Patch dolls available.” The greed and venom that poured from people’s souls and eyes as they pushed, shoved and fought each other toward the table where the dolls were forever ruined my opinion about the Christmas season.

I haven’t seen all that much better since that time. In fact, I’ve seen way too much of other things.

I’ve been pushed and shoved many times, I’ve seen family that hated each other pretend for a day that they didn’t (then commence with the lawsuits on December 26th), I’ve seen employers make lives miserable 364 day out of the year and then have a “company Christmas party,” I’ve seen churchgoers — after a Christmas sermon on “fellowship” — flip the finger and almost mow others down in the church parking lot because time was short at the store, I’ve seen neighbors who don’t ever speak to each other try and outdo each other’s Christmas decorations.

All the while, it’s “sell, sell, sell!” on the television and pressure in every household. Somebody, somewhere (likely in Japan or China), will make a fortune on the hottest items people will lust after. One Christmas Special after the other will show the “Spirit of Christmas” without even mentioning Jesus Christ.

It’s a sad and depressing time of year. “Christmas” is an unobtainable illusion where nobody who participates will truly be content or truly appreciate the significance of the celebration.

Instead, there will be many who “want” while many who “need” are ignored, some will embarrass the hell out of themselves or others at the annual Christmas party, someone will sue over a neighbor’s decorations, others will steal someone’s decorations, “Santa” will come and go (or so many victimized children will believe), Charlie Brown will choose a pathetic-looking tree, we’ll all forget batteries, suicides will escalate, drunk driving deaths will increase, the jails will swell with the disenchanted and depressed, that kid in the movie will almost “shoot his eye out,” parents across the world will close in on a heart attack over efforts to fulfill their children’s desires, hopes for love, peace, togetherness and forgiveness will be raised to a crescendo and then… be trashed along with the turkey bones the very day after Christmas when every debt-ridden person comes back down to Earth.

And the Grinch, in the end, will behave better than almost anyone else.

“Merry Christmas”? “Fa-la-la”?

Bah, humbug.

Friday, November 26, 2004

‘What’s Cooking?’

Thanksgiving Day, 2004, proved several things to me; that I really AM sentimental… to the point of destruction, that I love my children very much and that — because I love my children very much — I am also a certifiable nitwit.

I’m not sure why but, even living in the same house with the children 24-hours a day, sometimes… you just can’t see some things coming. You’ll hear certain “rumblings,” but occasionally some things will still take you by surprise. At the worst you might even participate in the surprises… like I did yesterday.

For the past several months Michelle and the children have been watching the cooking shows on the Food Network. I’ve been hearing them talk about all the different recipes they want to try and make. Actually, I should say that I’ve been “listening” to but not “hearing” any of this.

One of the “rumblings” coming from them was that LA wanted to “cook Thanksgiving dinner,” using several recipes he got from a Food Network program. Even at the beginning of the week I had not fully digested this idea.

At the last minute and against my better judgment I decided to allow him to proceed… at Michelle’s behest and because she thought it would be a “good experience” for him. So, on Wednesday evening, she bought all the necessary ingredients for him to cook his dishes. The plan was for me to supervise and help him organize his work.

Ah… the word, “work.” From what little I’ve seen of the Food Network this word is not associated with anything they present; dishes are prepared and whipped up so easily and editing is so precise that none of what they do on that channel ever looks like “work.”

This should have been my first clue to the coming events.

The first of LA’s recipes was for the turkey itself. The bird was required to soak and/or marinade in a cooler with ice, honey, chicken broth and hot water. Why hot water and ice? I still have no idea. But, we followed the recipe the gay guy on the Food Network presented and prepared the bird for the grill on Thursday.

My 2nd clue to coming events should also have been that LA balked at making ice and cleaning the cooler in advance. You see… the chefs on the Food Network aren’t shown doing all of this prep work so LA didn’t see the necessity of it.

On Thursday morning I woke LA up early. He complained immediately at my instructions to clean up the kitchen a bit and look over his recipes (3rd clue?). The idea of preparing and measuring ingredients was also not appealing to him (yes, a 4th clue)… I suppose, in hindsight, because they don’t appear to do this on the Food Network.

We struggled with his extravagant stuffing recipe but pulled it off and got it into the oven. Because they don’t use a chopper on the Food Network we had to cut everything with a knife. LA did not like my “clean as you go” suggestion and refused to appreciate the mess we had already made. But I was still in indulgent mode and cleaned it up for him.

Next we were to get the bird into the grill. LA did not like the fact that the grill needed to be cleaned and prepared first — they also don’t do this on the Food Network, you see — so I cleaned and prepared it. We then let the grill warm up a bit and, as instructed in the recipe, got the bird inside of it.

Later I would discover that after LA checked the soup can, hanging underneath the grill to catch the dripping grease, he had placed it back underneath hanging on the ignition wire instead of over the gas tank. This, of course, resulted in dripping grease all over the tank and the floor of the garage. This would turn out to be the least of my problems on Thanksgiving Day.

The next and most ambitious of LA’s recipes was some Greek dish monstrosity, with artichokes and sausage, which required precision and careful following of instructions. LA begged me to allow him to begin the dish on his own, so I left him alone in the kitchen for a few moments with the caveat that he should read the recipe carefully and prepare the ingredients in advance.

After only a few moments away I returned to find him beginning the dish without following my instructions, even glancing at the recipe and without preparing the ingredients first. The kitchen, in that short time, had also become a mess of chopped this and that and the floor was beginning to look rather bad as well.

Things took a turn for the worse from this point onward. I found myself pealing and cutting fresh artichokes because LA could not do it like they did easily on the Food Network. A boiling pot with some ingredients was progressing on the stove, the sausage, in a separate pan, was not keeping up and, then, LA remembered several ingredients that he had forgotten. I performed damage control and tried to catch up to the recipe.

In the midst of this it occurred to me to check the turkey. So I dashed outside to the grill to discover that the turkey recipe was not going very well either. The skin had already partially burned. The gay guy on the Food Network had made the recipe look incredibly easy but, in order to save the bird, I had to wrap it in aluminum foil, put a pan underneath and better regulate the fire for control. The poor bird would have to cook there another eight hours on a very low fire afterward.

Meanwhile, back inside, LA had taken it upon himself to remove the artichokes from their pot prematurely and add them already to the sausage, along with spices, chicken broth and shallots (that I had diced in advance). The artichokes were hard as rocks.

After I did more damage control with this dish I again made the mistake of leaving LA alone in the kitchen (mainly because Dallas was starting a new quarterback named Drew Henson… I hate the Dallas Cowboys). He then took it upon himself to pour out all of the chicken broth, spices and shallots from the pan, with the rock-hard artichokes and wasted sausage, and condemn the “dish” to smell more like “dishwater.” It soon became apparent that whatever this dish was supposed to be it would become a total loss.

While I dashed back outside to pamper the abused turkey, LA decided to — without the aid of a recipe, knowledge of the ingredients, or even any idea what he was doing — begin to “make a soup” out of the remnants of the sausage/artichoke disaster. This concoction also smelled much like dishwater, dirtied a bunch more bowls, took his concentration off the other dishes and made a further mess of the kitchen.

This is the point at which I began to drink, although not heavily enough.

Normally, when I cook holiday dinners, I’ll have almost everything ready by 2pm or so, as I plan and execute everything with military-style precision. But, yesterday, I spent all of my time dashing back and forth from disaster to disaster doing damage control, while my son, the Food Network gremlin, created more fires that required my urinating on them.

Late in the day — and way too late — it became apparent to me that I was caught up in an almost 14-year-old’s role-playing fantasy about dishes he had seen prepared on the now hated Food Network. After he had had his Food Network moments he began to lose interest in the whole thing, leaving me to pick up the shattered pieces.

By the time the turkey was barely saved it was 8pm (I used my Black and Decker flashlight to mark its progress), the other dishes were dried out, the kitchen was a disaster, artichoke, onion and shallot remnants covered the floor, dirty dishes, bowls, plates and silverware piled out of the sink and all of us were too exhausted to eat anything.

We said grace and then called it a night.

I DO love my son, and I don’t want to discourage anything he tries to do. But, I’m going to be very careful about allowing him near the kitchen again.

After this experience I’ve decided that I will prepare the Christmas Day dinner by myself and use a tried and true dish that they do not display on the useless Food Network; a dish that will make everyone happy, will not try to kill me, will be done on time and will also be a snap to clean up after…

It’s called “hamburgers and French fries.”

Thursday, November 25, 2004

‘A Day of Thanksgiving’

Today is a special day; no mail, no banking… stores closed across the nation, all in honor of a meal shared by Pilgrims and Native Americans back in 1621.

The Pilgrims and, subsequently all further American immigrants, began to slaughter all the Indians who helped out that winter. But, that’s water under the bridge now, except, perhaps, on some reservations.

Thanksgiving has become, over the years, a time for family and friends to get together and share a day of food, alcohol, burping, bad football games and sleeping. It’s a time to get together with people you wouldn’t hang around with at any other time of the year.

I have many memories of family get-togethers in my life. I recall most of them fondly. I guess I always took them for granted and expected that each year there would be family and friends to get together with.

As you might imagine, this is all gone now for a variety of reasons:

The first reason would be logistics. I am the black sheep of my family but I would still, likely, be welcomed and invited to a dinner with what family I have left if not for the fact I am not located anywhere near them. This is a blessing, normally. But, during Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays, it is rather depressing.

The 2nd reason is that — in almost four years in this godless, illegal alien town — we don’t have any “friends.” This is mostly due to the facts that we do not speak Spanish, that Hispanics owe no allegiance to any American traditions and, thusly, we have nothing in common with them and also that most others in this town (mindless and ageing Hippies) are outright lunatics who have so many foibles and nuances that it is dangerous, detrimental or even illegal to invite them over.

Then there is my wife Michelle’s “family.” Just about everyone in her family is unstable in some way. So, her relatives have nothing to do with us and we, wisely, have nothing to do with them.

The only relative of Michelle's we did have anything to do with was the only one who had anything to do with us. Michelle's brother, Russ, an un-charged and un-apprehended criminal who lives in the same town, disowned her almost three years ago when Michelle objected to his making out on our sofa with her now “ex” best friend and in front of our children.

The nerve of us.

Russ hasn’t spoken to Michelle or even attempted to contact her since she politely talked to him about his behavior and asked the 52-year-old to stop it. Michelle has made several attempts to contact him but, since we haven't heard from him, I guess her transgression was too grievous for “Uncle Russ” to forgive. The good news is that the police have stopped parking a squad car across the street from our house.

Michelle's “best friend,” of 20-something years, Mary, wrote a nasty and hate-filled note to us after that incident, complete with bad grammar and spelling mistakes. I remember my daughter, Sheyanne, got ahold of that note. She said she felt like writing back to Mary and saying, “So what?”

My daughter is elequent beyond her years. In fact — in a previous life — she might have been General McAuliffe, commander of the 101st airborne at Bastone, who told the German commander demanding surrender, “Nuts!”

At any rate, that whole situation would be funny if it wasn’t so completely sad.

No. I don't think those two turkeys will be stopping by.

On Thanksgiving, normally — and if we cannot be with relatives or friends — we might expect to make a phone call to others to wish them well or we might even expect to receive one. But, we haven’t received any such calls the past few years. We HAVE made some calls to my family in years past and got the bum’s rush from them.

For instance, my closest relative… my sister Sheilah… is a sad case in such ethics. She lives in Louisiana (which is a sad case in and of itself). Essentially, we will hear from Sheilah only when there is something she wants from us. If we call her — and she doesn't want anything from us at the time — she will rush us off the phone.

I heard from her last January when she wanted to “borrow” money. I wired her several hundred dollars because my niece was “about to lose her bedroom set.”

Several weeks later I heard from Sheilah again (as if I were some sort of sap). This time she wanted several hundred dollars to “go to Disney World.” I couldn’t afford that one and she hurried me off the phone. I haven’t heard from her since. I also haven’t bothered contacting her.

And, no, she never repaid what I “loaned” her. In fact, I'm sure that in her household, these days — even though I did the right thing in the first place — I am known as the “evil Uncle Kerry,” who denied my nieces a trip to Disney World.

I've suggested to Michelle, at times, that it might be funny (and a certain amount of retribution for us) if we could, somehow, get her brother and my sister together, so they could wreak havoc and hurt feelings with each other instead of with us and our children. Michelle doesn't like the idea for some reason.

The Fox side of my family isn’t much better. My Uncle and Aunt haven’t spoken to me much since they stole all of my grandmother’s property after she passed away (my own father was dead, which meant I was one-third heir).

I never hear from either side of my family on holidays and I might be scared witless if I did. I always speak my mind and this is not considered acceptable behavior with any of them. Unless, of course, I happen to agree with them — which I rarely do. So… they shun me, and for this I have at least one thing to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day.

Consequently, my wife and I and the children will have no friends or family to share this or other holidays with. But it’s okay. We have each other. So I have another reason to be thankful.

I am proud of and thankful for my family even though there aren't very many of them. I am honored to share this holiday with them. We will begin a family tradition of our own, without and in spite of the miscreants we are related to.

LA, under my supervision, will cook the entire Thanksgiving meal… unless I kill him first. Sheyanne will help with whatever I ask (she’s a good daughter). Matthew will eat whatever we cook and will, likely, not be much more help than that. Michelle will add chaos to the mix, as Thursday is her day off anyway.

As for me… I think I will share a day of food with MY family, drink a bunch of alcohol, burp, watch a couple of bad football games and sleep.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and may God bless your family!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

‘Sandwich Shindig’

I know Dan Rather finally announced his retirement yesterday and… I don’t care. Good riddance. So some fossil won’t be on TV for a half-hour a night after March to lie to us. So what?

By the way, what’s the deal about announcing he’s quitting in March? Why not quit right now? Nobody except document forgers will miss him.

It doesn’t matter. There is even bigger news in the papers…

An online casino has won the eBay bidding for a decade-old cheese sandwich bearing what some people consider a likeness of the Virgin Mary. The casino has immediately begun hawking Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese T-shirts for $19.95.

Now this is bigger than anything about Dan Rather.

When the smoke cleared on Monday something called “GoldenPalace.com” had won the bidding with $28,000.

$28,000 for a cheese sandwich with a bite taken out of it!

The seller of the sandwich, Fort Lauderdale, Florida resident Diana Duyser, says she made the cheese sandwich 10 years ago and after taking a bite, saw "the Virgin Mary staring back at me."

Me thinks Diana made the cheese sandwich in a stick-free pan, over a low fire, using a Cheryl Tiegs T-shirt and a melting, grease-stained spatula.

In her eBay ad, Duyser said the sandwich has been kept in a plastic case for a decade and has developed no mold or bacteria. "It is like a miracle," she said.

Well, not if you have Glad bags and some decent Tupperware.

"I would like all people to know that I do believe that this is the Virgin Mary Mother Of God." "That is my solemn belief, but you are free to believe that she is whomever you like, I am not scamming anyone."

I don’t begrudge Diana to believe whatever she wants to but I DO believe that Tieg’s agent should consider a copyright suit.

As for the Virgin Mary… I don’t get it. Why would the Holy Mother want to appear on a cheese sandwich some nitwit in Florida fried in her roach-infested kitchen?

The Virgin Mary gets spotted often around the world. I think it was last year or earlier this year she showed up on a dirty window in Georgia or something. You’d think she would show up in better places. But, what do I know? I’m not Catholic.

I KNOW people like to see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe. I thought I saw Bigfoot when I was a kid playing in the woods. After my parents investigated it turned out to be a barrel with a black tarp over it. Then I got in trouble for being where I wasn’t supposed to be.

Yet, Diana gets $28,000 for a cheese sandwich she took a bite out of.

You know… there’s nothing fair about life at all.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Perhaps emboldened by the level of support he has received from idiots who claim how “manly” his behavior was, or, perhaps, delusional toward his behavior on and off the court in Friday night’s melee in Detroit, Ron Artest has proved he has no idea what an immature thug and unrepentant criminal he is in an interview on the Today Show.

In an interview with Matt Lauer Artest made it obvious that he has no idea of the degree of danger he placed innocent people in after charging the stands to attack somebody who did nothing and then wailing away at everyone who was nearby.

Artest appeared on the Today Show to attempt some “damage control” for the NBA. He was sorely lacking in this attempt.

"I wish it never happened, it wasn't good for anyone."

So much for remorse or an apology, as this was as close as he came to either.

"David Stern has been good to me but I don't think the number of games of the suspension [73 - the remainder of the season] is fair."

On this I agree. Banishment for life from the NBA and arrest for assault was the proper response to this maniac’s behavior.

"I want to help the league improve its image."

Artest needs to learn the difference between “help” and “enhance,” as most already believe that the NBA is made up of immature punks and thugs who would attack their fans when turned loose.

"I've been working real hard and putting forth a number of positive things."

Huh? Like what? Attacking the fans and starting a riot or is he thinking of his gansta rap CD that might influence even more of our nation’s youth to behave the terrible way he does?

"I never harmed anyone."

The tape, the season-long suspension, the police investigation and the potential lawsuits have taught this delusional nitwit absolutely nothing.

"I was frustrated. The tape speaks for itself."

On this Artest is correct. The tape DOES speak for itself. On the tape Artest can be seen jumping over announcers, children and others on his way to attack someone who did nothing to him and then throwing haymakers at anyone near him. The tape is a clear-cut example of a crime during its commission. Artest should be in jail.

When asked by Matt Lauer: "Did it pop into your mind that 'I've crossed a line'?" Artest replied:

"I think I'm pretty disciplined. You can answer the questions from the tape."

As police and lawyers for the victims are examining the tape, I’m sure his level of “discipline” will be ascertained fairly soon.

"I think we just move on. Things happen and you just move on."

Isn’t this what ALL criminals want us to do after their crimes?

Lauer: "What would you say to kids who saw the incident?"

Artest: "They saw disrespect from the crowd and reaction from a frustrated player. I would tell them that sometimes things happen and you just have to move on."

Obviously Artest believes he is the victim in this instance and not the people he attacked in a fit of rage and out of cowardice in his altercation with the Detroit Pistons’ Ben Wallace.

There WAS NO riot and NO LACK of control until Ron Artest charged the fans in the stands in his “manly” way over the throwing of a plastic cup. This is the essence of an immature and non-proportional response.

As to those who would excuse and even condone Artest’s childish and criminal behavior that night in Detroit and accept his delusional and disgraceful lack of remorse for the incident: Shame on you.

Monday, November 22, 2004


There is much shock and outrage being emitted today by pontificating pontificators and other humbugs over a new video game available on the Internet called ‘JFK Reloaded.’

Timed to coincide with today's 41st anniversary of Kennedy's murder in Dallas, and designed to demonstrate that a lone gunman WAS able to kill the president, the game is available for download at $9.95 and allows YOU to play the part of the accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

Shooting the image of Kennedy in the right spots in the right sequence adds to the score, while "errors," like shooting first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, lead to deductions. Blood splatters are “optional.”

I wonder if players of the game get to use a “magic bullet”?

I mean only to mention a couple of things about the game (which doesn’t bother me as much as other societal issues) while everyone else can refer to it as “shocking,” “twisted,” “sick” and “wrong,” before they begin their day and go on about their own personal, private and self-righteous Passion Play.

Many are saying that, with this game, society has “sunk to a new low.” I disagree. I DO believe that our twisted society has reached to a new height of technology, as I understand the graphics in this game are pretty good.

I mean… do you want your kids playing this game in between Desperate Housewives and Reality Bites or do you want them tearing the wings off of dragonflies, ringing doorbells and smoking cigarettes. Because I assure you they will do one or the other.

The JFK controversy has been around forever. Let the kids learn history and a little marksmanship I say! It’s certainly not the worst video game your kids have played. At the same time, how many blood-splattering videos are there where the kids can actually learn about and participate in a turning point in American History?

The thing that bothers me about this video game is that it promotes the theory that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Oliver Stone aside, many of us older farts have suspected the CIA all along (Stone did not originate this theory). Too many fundamental things changed immediately after Kennedy died and too many odd things happened (too many shots were fired) during and after the assassination for it to have been the act of a “lone nut” with three bullets.

Many young people in this country believe the details inside the Oliver Stone movie 'JFK.' Stone took many liberties with the details in that film. However, the basics remain the same.

Many witnesses to the assassination died shortly afterward, records were destroyed and lost, evidence was contaminated, destroyed and lost. It makes sense now that a campaign might begin anew to finger Oswald alone as the triggerman, now that America is fighting wars for profit again.

In fact we may be witnessing a “final push” toward this conclusion by powers to cover up the episode once and for all, now that years have passed and the waters have been sufficiently muddied.

I wonder how many millions for armaments and helicopters the folks down in Texas are making on Iraq? Perhaps we should investigate for a connection between the Scottish makers of this game and the CIA. Isn’t Arlen Specter Scottish?

I have these words to say to you if you still believe that Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots with a rusty bolt-action rifle from the Texas Schoolbook Depository, behind and away from the moving target, through the tree leaves and, with precision, inflicted multiple wounds upon John Kennedy and John Connally on Novemeber 22nd, 1963…

… back and to the left… back and to the left… back and to the left… back…

Sunday, November 21, 2004


According to NBA Commissioner David Stern, we should know by today the “exact” punishment the Pacers thugs… um, er, sorry… “players” who rushed the stands at Friday night’s game in Detroit and attacked fans will face.

In the interim four players have been “suspended indefinitely.” The three Pacers in question who attacked fans, caused a riot and eluded capture, by fleeing to the locker room, ALL deserve to be booted forever from the NBA.

Oddly, the one Detroit player suspended deserves a much lighter punishment, even though it was Ben Wallace’s shove to rapper/player Artest’s throat that started the on-court brawl in the first place. What Wallace did was infinitely more professional, mature and polite than the actions of the others.

I’m not sure why but I’m quite surprised at the support the thugs… um, er, sorry… “players” have received since the attacks and beatings against the fans, innocent and drunk alike, during what was supposed to be a “professional” basketball game.

Many people are supporting the “retaliation” meted out by the Pacers in question against fans, one of which threw a plastic cup onto the court at Artest. None of the apologists are claiming that Artest was doing anything remotely similar to performing an “act of self-defense,” when he rushed to attack some poor guy in glasses who didn’t even throw the cup.

The apologists/enablers/idiots are basically saying that Artest had no choice but to retaliate ahead of security against the fan because “that’s what a man does.”

At one message board, discussing the subject, one person even wrote, in defense of rapper/player Artest, “Artest asked the fan while he was beating him if he threw the cup and the guy said no and Artest stopped beating him.”

Another poster at the same board said this about Artest, “I’m a regular Pacers fan and believe me when I say Artest’s behavior has improved a lot. I know everyone thinks he started this but this is a big move up for him.” I am left to wonder what it is Artest has moved up from… carjackings?

These same apologists are even feigning shock at the behavior the fans exhibited AFTER Artest jumped into the stands and started wailing away at anyone and everyone in his path.

The city of Detroit is well known for it’s rougher fans and they are well known for their rowdy behavior, so many people are criticizing them once again

I contend, however, that Detroit fans are getting a bum rap on this one. The way those thugs… um, er, sorry… “players” rushed into the stands, endangering children, old ladies and innocents, might have gotten a similar reaction from paying fans almost anywhere in the nation — especially a “visiting” team.

We are talking about a “player” starting a riot over a freaking plastic cup. There is nothing “manly” about this… it’s not “professional,” “mature” and it isn’t the right thing to do. It’s certainly “immature,” “punkish” and “stupid” behavior to say the least.

The golden rule in sports — in ANY “professional” sport — is NEVER go into the stands in anger.

Now it’s up to NBA Commissioner Stern. It’s way past time for him to step up against this cowardly behavior. He should allow Detroit’s Ben Wallace to return. But he should send these three Pacers thugs… um, er, sorry… “players” to lives outside of the rich, pampered and enabling world to which they have grown accustomed and to lives that will no doubt include rap albums, drug use, additional assaults and, ultimately, prison.

It’s time for them to go back to the world they never really left.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

‘Boyz N the Hood’

After being woken up at 2am by Michelle’s snoring I was flipping through the television channels and, somewhere between Wings and the Jack LaLane juicer infomercial, I saw what looked like a riot.

After I double-checked the channel and realized the TV was dialed to ESPN I saw that it WAS a riot — only the riot was actually a highlight of an NBA game between the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers from Friday night.

It wasn’t a “brawl” between two players, although it apparently started that way. It wasn’t even one of those bench-clearing brawls between teams, as we’ve seen so many of, although it almost came to that. No, this was a fight between players and fans watching the game… a true melee. And it was very nasty and ugly.

I haven’t watched the NBA in years, ever since Larry Bird left the game. The game has degenerated since then and has become a league of gangstas, rapists, rappers and hoods. I think it’s fair to say that Dennis Rodman had a lot to do with turning me away from basketball. I’ve never gotten back into it either, preferring football, horse racing and boxing instead.

But, because I DO enjoy watching contact sports and war movies I’ve been watching the replay of this NBA riot in Detroit on ESPN all morning.

Here’s my take:

During play one of the Pacers players, wannabe rap artist Ron Artest, fouled a giant Piston player with a huge fro, Ben Wallace, under the goal. The foul didn’t appear too rough but Wallace responded by shoving Artest at the neck. This led to both teams surrounding the players, throwing a few slaps and trying to keep others away from each other.

Artest, for his part, didn’t show any sign that he wanted to tangle with Wallace and, since Wallace is as big as a tree, nobody could possibly blame him.

Artest went to lie down on the scorer’s table and the incident calmed down. However, a nearby Pistons fan apparently took exception to Artest’s taunting at the table and tossed a plastic cup with some ice in it at the player.

Now, the cup didn’t hurt Artest — and the incident would have probably ended — but Artest got up from the table and rushed into the enemy stands to attack the cup thrower with another Pacers player, Stephen Jackson, at his side. While Artest began to pummel the wrong guy, Jackson began to beat the right perpetrator and several others nearby who tried to stop him. Other fans then attacked the players, more players and fans joined the melee and all hell broke loose from there.

Over the course of the next 15-minutes or so several fights in several places broke out, children were left crying, an elderly lady was prone on the court, a referee had a bottle thrown at his face and even a chair was tossed at the combatants. What remained of the game was called off, one police officer had to threaten Artest with pepper spray and still another Pacers player, Jermaine O'Neal, took several punches at another fan on the court.

It’s a blessing nobody was killed.

As players retreated to the locker room the fans pelted them with beer, sodas, popcorn boxes and other debris. One Pacers player even picked up a janitor's dustpan and threatened fans with it.

I’ve been listening to the ex-jocks/announcers on ESPN all morning and they have done their best to blame the whole incident on the fans. But, I think, you HAVE to give a great deal of the credit/blame to the nitwit “professional athletes” involved… namely the main perp/players Artest, Jackson and O’Neal.

Artest, a known troublemaker in the league, took off after some poor schmuck in the stands when he was really angry about the shove to the neck. This Jackson character beat several innocent fans and the thug O’Neal sucker-punched a poor guy who was trying to help to his feet another fan attacked by him.

All three of these criminals should be thrown out of the NBA.

It probably won’t happen. But, after the replays die down, it won’t matter to me because I won’t be watching.

Unless they have another riot when they play again on Christmas Day.

Friday, November 19, 2004


I almost feel sorry for my fellow countrymen who voted for George W. Bush. Maybe they are noticing his movements and maybe they aren’t but Bush has been spending his “political capital” very much at their expense the past 17 days, and he shows no sign of slowing down.

In fact: Bush has been selling out not only his own supporters lately but he has picked up the pace against ALL of his nation’s citizens with a reckless abandon that makes his first term sellout look tame by comparison.

It was there for all of us to see… that George W. Bush is NOT a “conservative,” that George W. Bush is a “Christian” phony, that George W. Bush is selling out our country one piece at a time to corporations and one-worlders.

The election scare tactics worked even though the scariest person in the process was George W. Bush himself. Now the Bush supporters have nobody to blame but themselves for the coming mess… sorry… “additional messes.”

What “messes”?

Let us forget the past term’s tax breaks for corporations at the expense of workers, the outsourcing, stopping seniors from obtaining needed drugs across the Canadian border, the stupid, un-winnable war in Iraq, the loss of the standard 40-hour workweek and overtime, the lackadaisical border security situation even after 911 and the deficit — for now — although all of these practices continue unabated.

Here is what has happened already and what is coming with this “conservative,” “Christian” and “patriotic” president:

  • Less than a week after Bush’s glorious victory he began to re-introduce his plan to violate US law and grant a blanket “amnesty” to the 15-million lawbreakers who are taking away American jobs at lower wages (they are not here to “pick fruit,” folks), swelling the welfare rolls, trickling on those awaiting legal residency and escalating crimes across the nation. Bush will shove this “plan” down Congress’ throat with as little national debate as possible. The result will be exactly what corporations want: a smaller pay scale, less benefits and more profit. But, again, as a wise man told me recently, “We might as well go ahead and give the illegals amnesty. We aren't gonna' do anything else to them.”

  • Just this week, Republicans have allowed the Boy Scouts to be thrown off each and every US military base because of their commitment to God (but really because of their opposition to homosexuality). The action stems from a lawsuit by the ACLU, naturally. The Bush team doesn’t support the suit. They have merely decided to comply with it and not challenge it. How very “conservative” of them.

  • Legislation is pending in the Republican-controlled senate for coercive, mandatory mental-health screening for all children in the country without parental approval, which effectively makes ALL of our nation’s children “wards of the state.” What possible circumstances can arise from this legislation? Here are but a few:

    Withholding of government services for non-compliance.
    Intrusive probes into the sanctity of homes by social services.
    Seizure of children from their parents.
    Hefty fines and even jail time for parents who resist.

    Many democrats and almost all of the Bushbots in the Senate support the legislation. And, no, this legislation doesn’t mean that any of the children will even receive health care.

  • There is even some news for Christians who believed that Bush might help end the horror of abortion. Conservatives across the country attempted to stop the selection of Senator Arlen Spector (the guy who came up with the “magic bullet” theory for the Warren Commission) to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and they were led to believe, by Bush's minions in the Senate, that they had the tacit support of the administration. Spector has made headlines the past few weeks in his bid to head the committee with some claims that he would not support any justices to the Supreme Court that might overturn Roe vs. Wade. At the last minute the Bush Administration yanked the rug out from under the Christian-Conservatives and allowed Spector to move closer to the position, thus assuring that only “moderate” RHINOs will be chosen for Court appointments. I have only this to say, “If it walks like a pro-choicer and talks like a pro-choicer… the chances are very good that it’s a pro-choicer, people.” Bush not only walks and talks like one… he struts and mealy-mouths like one.

  • The most dangerous item Bush plans to use his “political capital” on concerns something called “NAFTA on Steroids.” Sometime after his proposed blanket amnesty for all illegals, Bush plans to allow the Council on Foreign Relations to decide on this policy that WILL, by affect, eliminate US borders and end US sovereignty. The president will not initiate this, there will be no national debate, congress will step aside on the plan and the Council on Foreign Relations will give the go-ahead. The plan, ostensibly, is to share law enforcement and incarceration between the US, Canada and Mexico. You just gotta’ love the country of Mexico. Everything they do down there is worth sharing with our people.

  • With these and other plans to spend “political capital” Bush has revealed several things: that he is NOT a “conservative,” that he is NOT loyal to American sovereignty, that he is NOT a true “Christian,” that he is NOT concerned with national security, that he DOES NOT believe in less government and that he is NOT even grateful nor does he feel he owes any allegiance to the millions of “conservatives” who voted for him.

    There is always the argument, “Yes, but would Kerry have been any better?” Jeez, Louise. I ask you this: Would Kerry have gotten away with any of this against a GOP Congress and millions of “Christians” and “conservatives”?

    If you are FOR any of this — and voted for Bush — you voted for the right person. However, if you were against Kerry AND are against any of these actions — and voted for Bush because he was the “lesser of two evils” — you’ve once again missed your opportunity to vote for a third-party alternative that actually supports your ideals. Because George W. Bush obviously does not.

    You’ve been suckered by a chameleon folks!

    Thursday, November 18, 2004

    ‘Murder on the Blackboard’

    Some people (like me) do it without realizing and feel sheepish when they discover their error(s). Others KNOW they are doing it right and will never acknowledge it even when the error is pointed out.

    Others are so downright embarrassing when they do it people are afraid to point it out because of the humiliation that may be involved.

    I’m talking, of course, about misspelling and bad grammar.

    Now that the Internet is a part of daily life in this world we are being treated to the writings of friends and acquaintances new and old, warts and all.

    Since I have been online I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some I’ve known and their ability to arrange and spell a cognitive sentence.

    As for others who I believed were rather intelligent I’ve been shocked by their inability or unwillingness to spell the simplest of words and arrange the simplest phrases into written form.

    I edited several nationally recognized opinion columnists for years and was astounded by some of the errors I came across. Further irritating to me was the fact that some of these people were very well paid writers.

    There are some words we always misspell and always will, even if we carry around a dictionary 24 hours a day. We all have our personal favorites. Mine are sometimes irritating in their consistency… or is it “consistancy”?

    You’ve seen some of the words commonly in contention:

    “exagerate,” “enviroment,” “employement,” “grammer,” “intrest,” “irresistable,” “independant,” “indispensible,” “imunology,” “maintanance,” “managment,” “miscelaneous,” “oppertunity,” “persuede,” “proffesional,” “priveliged,” “practicle,” “relevent,” “recrutement,” “recieved,” “sponcered,” “tendancy,” “uneccesary,” “wierd.”

    Most of these words are fairly easy to misspell and, if you use any of them at all, you probably have the brains to employ a spellchecker afterward anyway (except for, maybe, some columnists I've edited).

    Perhaps the most common mistakes these days are not with spelling at all… just the wrong words at the wrong times.

    For instance, is it “your a bad speller” or is it “you’re a bad speller”?

    Is it “your a bad speller to” or is it “you’re a bad speller too”?

    Perhaps “their or bad spellers hear” or “there are bad spellers here.”

    Is it “there,” “they're,” or “their”? Their, their now.

    Some people I know have simply avoided spelling, grammatical, punctuation and capitalization problems altogether and have given themselves over to what I like to call the “Internet Hip-Hop” approach.

    I get emails now with “ur” for either “your” or “you’re” and “u” for “you.” They might, perhaps, write something to me in chat like, “ur rite bout dat i cant spel to well u no”

    Grown adults with children are doing this!

    These folks are well past anything time, effort or a spellchecker might help. Either they have never progressed past the third grade or they have reverted back to that time through fast communication and downright laziness. Likely they don’t even think they have the time to feel bad about any of this or they simply do not care.

    I don’t know about you but it really bothers me when I misspell something or use a word or words incorrectly. These posts I write on this blog are edited forever to eliminate anything that may be perceived by me as an error.

    And, yes… I KNOW how anal this is.

    I'd certainly like to see more people take the time to convey their thoughts properly, but…

    wat ken u r i do bout it?

    Wednesday, November 17, 2004

    ‘The Incredible Mr. Limpet’

    Well, no wonder I can’t catch any trout in the Arkansas River down the street… the fish are “exceptionally intelligent” and are likely conspiring against me. And here I thought it was just the bait or a technique problem.

    I now know it is not because the folks at PETA (Psychos of the Ever-growing Total of Arses) have decided to leave poor Colonel Sanders (God rest his soul) alone for a while and have begun a campaign against those who catch and eat fish.

    Their new ad campaign is called… “The Fish Empathy Project” and touts tofu chowder and vegetarian sushi as alternatives to poor fishies.

    I hate tofu. And what the holy hell is “vegetarian sushi”?

    PETA’s point is that “fish — contrary to stereotype — are intelligent, sensitive animals no more deserving of being eaten than a pet dog or cat.”

    Wait, though, it gets even better…

    "Fish are so misunderstood because they're so far removed from our daily lives," says lunatic Karin Robertson, 24, the Empathy Project manager and daughter of an Indiana fisheries biologist. "They're such interesting, fascinating individuals, yet they're so incredibly abused."

    “Individuals”? Does this mean PETA thinks they should also have the right to marry?

    I guess PETA’s correct about one thing: The trout down the street ARE “far removed” from my daily life. I haven’t been able to catch any of them so far.

    I’ve spent a ton of money on fishing gear and countless hours chasing the critters down. I thought I was the one being “abused.”


    "Most people dismiss fish as dimwitted pea-brains. ... Yet this is a great fallacy," says obviously over-educated University of Edinburgh biologist Culum Brown in the June edition of New Scientist. "In many areas, such as memory, their cognitive powers match or exceed those of 'higher' vertebrates, including non-human primates."

    Great. Now fish are as smart as monkeys. That explains a lot if true. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t say a lot for me. Maybe, compared to the trout in the river, I’m the “dimwitted pea-brain.”

    But, then again, maybe I’m just an inept fisherman and the PETA people are maniacs who care more for fish and chickens than they do for the children going hungry in this and other countries.

    Actually, since I haven’t been able to catch any fish, I don’t think that they are “dimwitted pea-brains.” I DO think that, since doctors the world over claim we do not eat enough fish, the PETA nitwits are the “dimwitted pea-brains.”

    There HAS to be something better these people can do with their time.

    I thought my plan to eat healthier was a good one.

    But who knew, huh?

    PETA is starting to get on my nerves. First they went after people who eat beef, then the folks who eat chicken and, now… fish eaters. They have targeted everything near and dear to my heart and stomach; steak, cheeseburgers, a bucket from the Colonel and, with this current campaign, my dream of cooking freshly caught trout.

    I didn’t mind when PETA tried to “save” America's untold billions of prairie dogs because, well, I had no plans to eat any prairie dogs.

    Tuesday, November 16, 2004

    ‘Little Shop of Horrors’

    Big news, big news!

    Dateline… Fallujah, Iraq: Marine shoots enemy combatant… investigation underway.

    By now you’ve no doubt seen the video or read the story of a young Marine in a mosque with his squad and how the camera shows this Marine shooting an “unarmed,” “wounded” and, apparently, “defenseless” enemy fighter.

    Many are calling the action “murder.” The Marine has been pulled off the line and is undergoing interrogation. The media is blasting the story the world over.

    This Marine is in a whole lot of trouble and the media, the military and the legions of Political Correctness are anxious to see him hung out to dry.

    But, you see, this isn’t the whole story.

    Since the current operation in Fallujah began over 40 Marines have died trying to take the city, where the terror leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi has taken kidnap victims to be held until he sawed their heads off (Eugene Armstrong, Jack Hensley, Kenneth Bigley and Kim Sun Il all had their heads sawed off in Fallujah at the hands of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi’s group).

    These same Marines in Fallujah have come across numerous torture houses and have even found CDs of executions, hacked up bodies of hostages and one blood-curdling scene after the other… all provided by the faceless and merciless enemy.

    Fallujah is the heart of the Iraqi resistance. For US Troops there is no distinguishing characteristic between combatants and civilians; there are no uniforms, no concentrations and no tactical maneuvers. The enemy (who could be anybody) pops out from any group of people, from behind any door and out from under any rock to try to kill our troops.

    They have done this in a variety of ways since the operation has begun; they have pretended to surrender and led our troops into ambushes, wounded combatants have blown themselves up upon capture and even the enemy’s dead have been wired with explosives that have gone off when US troops investigate. Enemy “combatants” have also wired dogs with explosives to kill or maim our Marines.

    None of these tactics are covered much less allowed by the Geneva Convention. The Geneva Convention assumed, incorrectly, that combatants would have some shred of decency in wartime circumstances. This enemy obviously does not have that.

    Everyone knows what happens to people – innocent, women, children or otherwise – when they end up in the hands of this particular enemy… an enemy that honors no agreement, respects no civilian and owes no allegiance to anything other than “Allah” and loves nothing other than death and “paradise.”

    After experiencing these sort of tactics from a mostly unseen enemy I’m not sure how anybody could be sure of a gang of thugs that were laying in wait to shoot at our troops from a mosque, which is supposed to be a house of “worship.”

    I’m not sure how a young Marine can be too cautious in this situation, a Marine who had been shot the day before and had no doubt seen some of his comrades killed by booby traps, surrendering combatants and dead fighters. I don't know how anybody, who is not there, could possibly KNOW what they would do in these horrid circumstances.

    Fallujah is Hell on Earth and I’m not in this young man’s shoes. Neither are any of the people calling him a “murderer.” People shoot each other and die in war and it does not always happen like it does in the movies.

    Kevin Sites, an NBC reporter embedded with the Marines 3rd Battalion, 1st Regiment in Fallujah, captured the images of this squad entering this mosque, where well-armed fanatical lunatics were firing at them only moments before.

    Sites himself reported a Marine in the same unit had been killed just a day earlier when he tended to the booby-trapped dead body of an “insurgent.”

    NBC news has made no secret of their opposition to the war. Sites could not wait to get the images to his network and the rest of the media.

    Now everyone in the world believes they know what this Marine SHOULD have done in that situation; everyone who is safely behind a computer or safely in front of a television… everyone who IS NOT in danger of being blown to bits or shot by a “dead,” “surrendering” or “wounded” enemy “combatant.”

    For that matter, I have a problem referring to people who respect nothing but murder and death as “combatants,” “insurgents” “fighters” or “soldiers.” The word “animal” does not even do these bastards justice, as animals do not behave toward their own kind in the way they do.

    How can insane maniacs who have no regard for the principles of the Geneva Convention be covered by something as honorable as the Geneva Convention in the first place?

    I don’t approve of this war at all. This is because I do not believe our objective can be accomplished in this backward, archaic and violent piece of crap. This miserable sand dune is not worth the life of one, single US troop.

    But, we are there.

    I’m certainly not about to judge this young Marine who is there to fight for me. The Marine in question is in this hellhole, not me. I don’t know what I would have done to this vermin who had killed my friends and tried to kill me as well.

    No. I think that even though I did not want this war I’ll support this young man. I think he did what he had to do. I think he was looking out for his buddies and even the embedded reporter Sites (who should be grateful and who, also, shouldn’t have been there in the first place).

    I do know this about our Marines… the finest, most honorable and bravest soldiers the world has ever known: In almost any other army the soldier might have first shot the reporter before turning the gun on the “defenseless” enemy fighter.

    Monday, November 15, 2004


    Well, I owe at least one person at the YMCA a sincere “thank you.”

    A few days ago I wrote a letter to a Terry Lockwood, the Executive Director of the YMCA of Pueblo, after experiencing from his employees what I like to call the “ignore them until they go away” technique.

    The main antagonist was a lady named Sue (who has never shown her face). I’m convinced Sue had absolutely no plans to follow through with anything she had previously promised over the phone regarding the children’s swimming lessons at the YMCA. No, Sue had been hoping that we would simply go away after we never got a return phone call from her.

    But, suddenly, on Tuesday, after Terry Lockwood received my letter, I got an anxious and apologetic phone call from Sue, in her best sales pitch voice, telling me how she “forgot” and how “sorry” she was about the incident (I could tell from my many years of working with marketing people that Sue hated my guts). I’m guessing she got our phone number from the letter and Mr. Lockwood and not from any of the messages she had not returned before.

    At any rate, Sue arranged for the children to finish their course on Saturday. In charge of this lone lesson was the original instructor, Natalie. When we arrived at the YMCA Saturday morning and entered the pool area Natalie was sitting across the way from us and did not even acknowledge our presence. She did not appear happy to be there.

    I had expected a possible attitude from Sue and Natalie and had already instructed the children to be polite no matter what happened. I had already been past the point of not getting what we paid for, so our mission, pure and simple, was to force these people toward following through on their word.

    Now, I understand that I cannot change people. I also understand I cannot change the world. But I CAN affect positively my own small, teeny-tiny part of it. I CAN also affect how people treat me and my children. These slackers will at least think twice before they dish out the same treatment to someone else.

    The entire experience also gave me another opportunity to show the children that they could be encouraged by the fact that they behave more maturely than many so-called “grownups.”

    For her part Natalie simply went through the motions for the entire hour. The children listened and, I hope, learned a couple of things.

    The children had hoped to get their Red Cross certification (which the course is supposed to teach in the first place). But, either because they could not learn fast enough or because Natalie is a thoroughly incompetent instructor they did not pass.

    We know they did not pass because Natalie, still dripping wet from the pool, went to a locker directly, grabbed two pieces of paper and handed them to my daughter.

    The papers showed the children had already been graded and had failed in every single maneuver that Natalie was supposed to teach them. Obviously, the papers had been filled out prior to our arrival, prior to the lesson and prior to the children being tested. The children had failed even the maneuvers they had been able to perform.

    Some people.

    Yes, this was nasty behavior (likely orchestrated by the invisible Sue). But, it doesn’t matter. We won. Natalie didn't sleep in Saturday. She also probably didn't have time to cram down a bag of oats before she had to go to the YMCA and get into her whale outfit.

    Sue now has one nasty incident on her record and is likely looked at a bit differently by her boss.

    To me, that was worth the price of the lesson.

    The children will become better swimmers with what I can show them, through the Scouts and through lessons with the City Park program. I also believe that, by seeing how to stand up to nitwits like these, the children will become better people than this Natalie and this Sue person.

    But, I guess I DO owe a “thank you” to Mr. Lockwood. He attempted to get his charges to do the right thing.

    It’s just that some people don’t like to do the right thing.

    Friday, November 12, 2004


    Possibly, sometime today, a war-torn jury in Redwood, California, will come back with a verdict for a lying and murdering maggot named Scott Peterson.

    There are four ways this case might end: Guilty, first-degree (death penalty), Guilty, second-degree (life in prison), Not Guilty (a book tour) and, possibly, in a “hung jury” (a re-trial and twelve dufuses with a book tour).

    Because maggots begat maggots, the liar and murderer Scott Peterson is represented by an equally reprehensible maggot named Mark Geragos.

    In court the issue is whether Scott Peterson murdered his 8-month pregnant wife the day before Christmas Eve almost two years ago. To me, the question with this trial is whether or not 12 jurors and the public at large will buy… well, just about anything said to them by this preposterous, lying con man and his equally scumbag lawyer.

    Lawyer Geragos is perfect to represent this lying murderer. He’s an incredible liar himself. Geragos had promised the jury that he would reveal “the real killers” before the trial was over.

    During the opening and in public, before the judge – rightly – put a gag order on his poisonous mouth, Geragos promised that he could prove the killers were deranged and Satanic cult members, a flock of homeless people… or both.

    Geragos ended up providing and proving nothing resembling these things. But, during jury deliberations, he did buy a small piece of property near the courthouse, where the jury could see, and, then, put an exact duplicate of the boat Scott Peterson dumped his wife from onto the property; complete with fishing tackle and a dummy body (Laci Peterson).

    He did this to try and prove that Scott Peterson could not possibly have thrown his small and pregnant wife overboard and tied to cement anchors. He did this to taunt Laci Peterson’s family as they awaited the verdict near the courthouse and, hopefully, to taint the jury’s decision.

    What Geragos actually has proved is that he has not a shred of decency and should be disbarred.

    But, let’s take the douche-bag lawyer Geragos’ perspective and theory on the case for just a moment…

    To the general public, Scott Peterson’s “alibi” became known five to 10 days AFTER Laci Peterson went missing. According to this weasel he last saw his wife the morning of Christmas Eve, as he was on his way out to “go fishing” (he told some people he had “gone golfing”). Scott stuck to the “fishing” story and even provided police with a receipt for parking where he said he had gone.

    Now, for a moment, let’s forget the fact that Scott left rather late to go fishing, that he left his pregnant wife on Christmas Eve, that he said he was fishing for sturgeon in a boat smaller than sturgeon, that he had no bait for sturgeon, that he caught no sturgeon, that he was alone, that two bags of cement were missing from his possession, that he told nobody else that he was going, that his wife was missing from this point on, that nobody saw his wife after he said he left and that his wife and unborn son’s bodies were later found exactly where he said he had “gone fishing.”

    Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

    In order for us to believe this incredible and proficient liar DID NOT murder his wife and dispose of her body we have to believe this from lawyer Geragos…

    … that several – not one but several – Satanic homeless people kidnapped Laci, held her until Scott’s alibi became public knowledge (with malice aforethought), took her 95 miles away and to the same, exact place Scott “went fishing,” rented, borrowed or stole a larger boat, procured anchors for the body, then dumped the body in the same place where Scott established his alibi, all so they could “frame” poor, innocent Scott Peterson.

    Now, to be in the jury’s shoes and to find the liar Scott innocent you don’t HAVE to believe that several Satanic and homeless people actually did the above. You just have to believe that it was “possible.”

    In other words… you have to be a complete moron.

    I hope neither Scott Peterson nor Mark Geragos gets away with this murdering, lying crap. I pray that common sense reigns in this jury.

    I have my doubts on it to be sure.

    But, pray to God for justice for Laci Peterson and her family. Say a prayer that this lying and murdering bastard, Scott Peterson – who has brought so much grief and agony to so many people – gets his just desserts.

    Thursday, November 11, 2004

    ‘Absolute Power’

    Yesterday - already - newly reelected President Bush broke his first campaign pledge and trickled on his own hardcore supporters by reviving plans to begin a program of “amnesty” for over 15-million illegal aliens.

    I’ve been reading for months now (on a right-wing web site full of Bushbots) that Bush wouldn’t actually go through with the plan. After all, they admitted, nothing could be as destructive to our economy and send the wrong message to those who are anxious to break other US laws. Plus, the move would be bad for national security.

    Many at the board also mentioned that if they thought Bush was serious about the plan they wouldn’t vote for him.

    Too late.

    But, I suspected Bush WOULD grant amnesty to the illegal aliens. Big business wants it. The corporations love the idea of illegal aliens competing for US jobs; salaries have come down, benefits have decreased and profits have increased, as more and more desperate Americans are willing to settle for the bad treatment that these corporations desire to give their employees.

    In four years at the helm George W. Bush has given every conceivable break to the corporations over working Americans, children and seniors in need of health care. There certainly wasn’t any reason to think he would not continue. Hence, his very first move after reelection has been to defy US immigration law – a law he is sworn to uphold and enforce – and reward the illegal aliens to the benefit of big business.

    To Hell with national security and a working wage for decent citizens… we’re talking big bucks here.

    Naturally, I was livid about this when I heard about it and decided to send an email to the president himself:

    “Mr. President,

    It is very discouraging to law-abiding Americans such as myself that you have plans to grant amnesty (or whatever you intend to call it) to 15-million criminals, whose first act in our country was to violate the law.

    Should I simply stop teaching my children the difference between right and wrong and start showing them ways around the laws we have in place, as the President of the United States is doing regarding illegal aliens?

    Not a very good example you are setting on this issue, rewarding lawbreakers and encouraging more to come.

    Thanks a heap.


    Kerry R. Fox”

    After a while I got the auto-responder from the White House as expected. But, then, something funny happened when I opened my email later. I found the following:

    “Oh yeah? Well, Ah just don’t care. Ah’m a Texas boy and we don’t listen to you wacky doodles. Ah can do what Ah want. Ah have mandate. Ah AM the president. You just don’t git my strategeriacal thinking on this issue!

    Dub, by God”

    Of course, I HAD to respond:

    “Mr. President,

    You are an incredible dunderhead. I stopped thinking you were “evil” long ago merely because that would take a certain amount of brainwork.

    The issue for me is not only that you are dumb but that you managed to collect 59-million dumb people to vote for you. Half of them will now at least feel stupid after you go forth with your immigration plan.


    Kerry R. Fox”

    Now I was caught in an email duel:

    “Dumb huh? Well, who is the president and who ain’t? Ah’m elected and that’s that. Laura and Karl says Ah shouldn’t even bother talkin’ to ya. Ah’m gonna go now and fix somethang else.

    Dub, by God”

    But, I cannot leave things alone:

    “Mr. President,

    I believe I can speak for at least 56-million of your fellow citizens when I say you can, ‘GO TO HELL!’


    Kerry R. Fox”

    I don’t think I’ll send any more emails to the president. You just can’t reason with some people.

    Wednesday, November 10, 2004

    ‘Road to Perdition’

    Now that the election is over we will be hearing about many things; Bush’s plans for the future, the Inauguration, continued war, continued casualties, Dick Cheney’s millions, Cheney’s wife, Lynne, and her new children’s book…

    “Children’s book,” huh?

    Few things are as scary to me as Dick Cheney, except for, maybe, Cheney’s wife, Lynne. She is the typical hypocrite, ready to judge others on a moment’s notice not noticing the log in her own eye. She’s exactly the type of person who believes taxpayers being exploited by her husband, and his company Halliburton, have it coming.

    I cannot stand rich judgmental types who have had everything handed to them on a silver platter and then decide how others shall live. So, naturally, I do not care for this particular judgmental hypocrite, Lynne Cheney.

    Upon investigation I learned that Lynne Cheney has written more than a few books, most of them insidiously disguised as “educational.” But, mostly, as Elizabeth Edwards pointed out, they concern her infatuation with the subject of “lesbianism.”

    Naturally I was shocked that this aspect of the vice-president’s wife had not been prominently reported in the papers.

    Turns out one of her earlier efforts set the tone for the rest of her books; “Sisters,” a sizzling western novel dealing with hot, steamy stuff like lesbian love, prostitution and rape, supporting a sweeping pro-feminist agenda, which preceded the following deceptively titled ones:

    “Kings of the Hill”… a story of homosexual lawmakers.

    “Telling the Truth”… a story of whether to stay in or come out of the closet.

    “A Is for Abigail”… a pretentious novel aimed at revealing Abigail Adams as a lesbian.

    “The Body Politic”… the convergence of politics and lesbianism.

    “Executive Privilege”… how high-ranking lawmakers force staff-workers into abusive physical relationships.

    “Tyrannical Machines”… a “children’s book” about vibrators and such.

    “American Memory: A Report on the Humanities in the Nation’s Public Schools”… a report on how to conform schoolchildren toward lesbianism.

    “50 Hours: A Core Curriculum for College Students”… lesbianism amongst consenting adults in higher education.

    Naturally I was curious to see what Lynne Cheney’s latest effort was about.

    Considering all the lesbian porn in her previous books and the fact that she had written another “children’s book,” aimed at 5-8 year-olds, was disturbing. What sort of book was it? And, in what new and dangerous way was this obsessed fruitcake trying to influence children?

    I was determined to find out, so I searched for and read excerpts from “When Washington Crossed the Delaware: A Wintertime Story for Young Patriots.” What I found was not only shocking but also right in line with what I feared I would learn.

    She has now graduated from alternately promoting and bashing lesbianism to infecting children about other venal subjects.

    The story description from the publisher starts off innocently enough with the following passage:

    “It was November 1776, a time of trouble for our young country. We were fighting for our independence from Britain, and the war was not going well. The British had defeated General George Washington and his men on Long Island, driven them out of New York, and were pursuing them across New Jersey.”

    But, this book is very deceptive. Hidden inside the text later is this quote she attributes to George Washington:

    “The point is ladies and gentlemen that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of it's forms - greed for life, for money, knowledge - has marked the upward surge of mankind and greed - you mark my words - will not only save me and my immediate family but that other malfunctioning corporation called the USA. Thank you.”

    Intriguing. And, it’s buried inside an innocently titled book about George Washington.

    Disturbed about Lynne Cheney’s new tact on corrupting our children I read this quote she attributes to one of the Founding Fathers:

    “The richest one percent of this country owns half our country's wealth, five trillion dollars. One third of that comes from hard work, two thirds comes from inheritance, interest on interest accumulating to widows and idiot sons and what I do, stock and real estate speculation. It's bullshit. You got ninety percent of the American public out there with little or no net worth. I create nothing. I own.”

    So, Lynne baby has graduated from the subject of lesbianism to a subject near and dear to her own heart: Greed.

    Now that this evil witch’s husband has been re-elected, I fear for the children of this country.

    Tuesday, November 09, 2004

    'Living Out Loud'

    Sometimes, it seems, I have an unusual relationship with God. Although it is very much a father-son type thing I don’t always agree with what He decides. Sometimes I even argue. I question. I get frustrated.

    This, of course, means I get spanked on a regular basis.

    Basically, in my life, when I want something really badly God usually denies me. When I reluctantly begin something and doubt He allows me to have it.

    I’ll never understand His thinking on this.

    When my wife and I decided to go ahead and begin the online coupon-clipping business, Frugal and Free, we each handled our talks with God in different ways; Michelle prayed and, then, believed that God would bless the business and I… well, I asked God not to “let us waste our time” and even requested that He take some time to “work with us on this thing.”

    After getting the web site up, building a coupon inventory and designing a sophisticated processing system, we went through all of August with only a couple of orders. As I had some trouble getting the site listed in the search engines as quickly as I wanted, I was immediately discouraged.

    In September the orders began to slowly trickle in. During October the orders picked up a bit but Michelle was still spending the money we made on more coupons for the site. It just didn’t look like enough progress was being made fast enough.

    But, I’m a numbers type guy. Rather than believe that God knows what He is doing – or believe in Michelle’s faith in God, for that matter – I decided to create the charts and graphs necessary to investigate our progress.

    After I printed up the reports I found that we had an over 80 percent increase in orders from August to September. I saw that we had an over 80 percent increase in orders from September to October. Right now, November is on track for an over 80 percent increase in orders over October.

    While I have been keeping my mind focused on overall dollar amounts, God has been busy laying the groundwork for substantial progress.

    The hits have steadily increased as well. Through some advertisement on Google and in a coupon magazine we have increased the hits to the site exponentially and by close to 50 percent each month – without major placement in the search engines.

    Has this revelation been good enough for me? Nope.

    Just this morning - even after the numbers - I talked to God personally about the situation (my impatience a key factor). I said things like “Come on, Lord. We need orders” and “we are just trying to take care of our family here.” Before I had even said “amen” I heard Michelle holler from the bedroom “we got another order.”

    Just a tiny little arrow from God's quiver aimed at the doubt in my heart.

    Likely I’ll never change. I’ll always question. I’ll always be impatient.

    I suspect God enjoys every single moment of it.

    Monday, November 08, 2004

    'A Simple Wish'

    I get really annoyed these days by a culture that is sliming its way toward Hell via a lack of manners, politeness, professionalism and what used to be “common courtesy.”

    In this particular backward little village the above is especially a problem. I’ve seen these Goobers ruin almost every national institution and business there is, from the Starbucks across town (where one idiot lectured me on how less Cappacino in the cup meant it was more “wet”), to the disgusting and uneducated morons who turned me off from Wendy’s forever after I found hair in a cold burger, to the Sears people who could not deliver a treadmill as promised and then put me – a customer who had already paid in full – at the bottom of their to-do list.

    The culture is going to Hell folks. And it’s all do to laziness, sloppiness and selfishness… and the TV tells these idiots that it’s A-OK!

    I’m so sick of running into this crap that I now contest almost every single instance. It’s happened once again.

    The following letter should explain everything:

    Nov 8, 2004

    Terry Lockwood, Executive Director
    YMCA of Pueblo
    700 N Albany Ave
    Pueblo, Colorado 81003

    Mr. Lockwood,

    I write to you about what should be a minor matter only because nobody thought enough to do anything about it.

    I enrolled my two oldest children in the “teen swim” you offer a few weeks back. I paid in full and in advance.

    Before the third Saturday we encountered an upcoming conflict in events on that day. There was a political rally that morning at about the same time and my homeschooled children expressed a desire to go. Naturally, I wanted to take them if something could be worked out.

    I called the YMCA and asked in advance if there was some way we could work the conflict out and allow the children to finish their course anyway.

    I ended up talking to a lady named Sue. She advised me to go ahead and attend the rally and said she would call me the next week after she worked it out with the kids’ instructor, Natalie.

    Her only caveat was that there might not be another “teen swim” course afterward but that we could probably work with Natalie, as she was there at that same time on Saturdays anyway.

    Sue never called me back the next week, so I inquired with the polite man at the front desk the next Saturday morning after the lesson my children missed. He said to talk to Natalie. He also mentioned that I should have gotten a return phone call. I agree.

    Natalie explained that she was aware of the request and that we would hear from Sue by the following Tuesday.

    After not hearing anything over the entire next week my wife called the YMCA and was told that Sue was “in the pool” but that she would call us right back afterward.

    Now it is the following week and we have heard nothing from either Sue or Natalie. I have come to believe that we will not and, so, I am writing to you.

    This isn’t right.

    We’ve been nothing but polite and conscientious over the entire time. We not only followed Sue’s instructions but have also taken her for her word. This formula is not working.

    The children tell me that Natalie said she herself was not at the Saturday lesson in question. I have no clue what she did on that day. But, I suspect she may have attended the same event we did.

    Our phone number is XXX-XXXX. We are almost always at home, as I homeschool all three of my children. My oldest is attempting to earn a higher rank in his Boy Scout troop and this was what led us to enroll in the lessons in the first place. The children were also anxious to earn their Red Cross certification.

    We are not talking about a great deal of money, or about my children missing the Olympic trials, or even that they might not learn to swim if they cannot finish their course. But, as I’m trying to teach my children to act responsibly it sure would help the effort if they could see an example of the principle from the folks at the YMCA.

    If you can do anything to help us out in this situation I’d really appreciate it.


    Kerry R. Fox

    I’ll report on the results, if any, and… I’ll decide.

    Friday, November 05, 2004

    ‘Thank God It’s Friday’

    Actually, Friday does not bring much solace here, as I have more than a few things to do.

    It might not be as bad as the rest of this past week but the jury is still out on that. Today is the day I overcome the week or finally crash and burn.

    Last weekend LA started off by locking the only garage key inside the garage. I am now more confident that our possessions out there are safe from burglary as it took a locksmith to regain entry.

    When we were done with that I learned that LA had downloaded two viruses onto Matthew’s school computer just as we were heading into the final week of this quarter of work (I have not murdered him yet).

    I can usually roll with the punches on Matthew’s schoolwork through his charter program and with his teacher. But, this past week was the absolute worst time to have to deal with these two bugs that somehow LA helped get past our Norton Security (he admitted, under interrogation, that he had disabled Norton in order to download what he believed to be music).

    My “no download rule” was apparently not a factor in his decision.

    I lost three days with that, trying to get rid of the bugs.

    LA said he felt bad about the computer and volunteered to help assemble the paperwork needed to complete Matthew’s folder. But, then, LA had been available a lot lately. As I was wrestling with the computer issue I found out why: He hadn’t been doing any laundry, which is supposed to be his main chore around the house.

    I found out about this on Tuesday because all of a sudden nobody had any clothes to change into (Michelle’s voice went up several decibels when she learned of her underwear catastrophe). Apparently LA had been washing only what everyone was asking for and then stuffing the rest in various locations around the downstairs.

    I'm not sure how long he had been keeping the charade going but, considering the damage, it had to be more than a few weeks.

    I guess we finally found out because he slipped and didn't wash the right batch at the right time and that knocked his little conspiracy out of sync.

    I hadn’t been downstairs in a week or so, but when I finally went to investigate the laundry issue – which LA constantly told us had been “going” – I almost cried over the shear magnitude of the problem.

    By Wednesday – and Kerry’s concession speech – I realized the virus problem was bigger than I was. Fortunately we had a backup school computer, and I removed the infected one and put the other in place.

    I’m not sure why but it’s always most people’s first instinct to try and fix a virus attack. Anyway, I DID try and failed and lost a couple of days because of it.

    By yesterday we had completed all of Matthew’s online work for the week (fortunately not much) and had printed off what paperwork we did not have for the quarter.

    This paperwork (tons of it) needed to be put in order and checked against the teacher's list of items. So after getting the laundry moving this morning slightly before 6am I went through all of the paperwork over coffee in the kitchen, while nursing a slight hangover due to too much laundry and Foster's until about midnight last night.

    Thursday I also took total control of the laundry issue, assembling every article of dirty clothes from behind the downstairs toilet, from under all the beds and even from under the stairs (I found a shirt of mine I haven’t seen in ages).

    As of this morning – with constant washing and drying and folding, in a systematic manner – I have decreased the laundry deficit from something like 28-30 loads to 10-15.

    I am still at it, racing down the stairs to get another load going, dry, fold, hang and distribute, then racing back up the stairs to delegate, mediate and negotiate Sheyanne and Matthew over the uncompleted pages for Matthew’s quarter of schoolwork (Sis is a great helper thank God!).

    The entire load of paperwork has to be postmarked by today. There is a chance we may not make it. The package is already addressed and stamped. It’ll be close.

    I hope the mail lady is late today.

    Before the computer viruses I was very much on top of things. At least I thought so.

    As for today, let’s see… Matthew’s packet in the mail, Michelle has coupon orders to get out, laundry, more laundry, the kitchen, dinner…

    Cripes! That’s right! Today is garbage day!

    I gotta’ go!

    Thursday, November 04, 2004

    ‘Dirty Pretty Things’

    For the record, I believe in my Lord Jesus Christ and The Word. Over the years I’ve come to believe there is no doubt about what is written in the New Testament.

    On the other hand I DO NOT anymore refer to myself as a “Christian.” I believe the term has come to mean absolutely nothing (at least nothing positive). I don’t think even Jesus would refer to Himself that way were He among us right now, as He does not have much in common with these people.

    It’s simple to me really; the same way you cannot love America but hate Americans, you cannot follow Jesus and have contempt for anyone who does not believe exactly as you do.

    But it happens every day.

    I’ve even seen those down and out people who were searching for answers, a better way and the truth shunned and turned away by those purporting to be “Christians.” Where they needed help and guidance, they got judgment and condemnation.

    These days the atypical “Christian” is a self-righteous sort who KNOWS the truth and doesn’t want to hear any extrapolation of the concept from anyone at anytime (even if the concept is based in The Word or a quote by Jesus Himself). They know what they know and that’s it. They would likely turn anyway anyone who had feelings on the subject different from their own – even Jesus Himself.

    But, it’s worse than that. As I’ve learned, if you get involved with almost any church or “Christian” these days, they may go so far as to inject themselves into your personal business – after judging you of course – and turn your world topsy-turvy. When their “mission” goes wrong, they will say it is “God’s Will,” even blaming the outcome on God instead of their own misguided self-righteousness.

    It’s not the “Christian Church” anymore so much as the “Frank Burns Association.”

    It is the height of human arrogance to think one is able to know “God's Will” in advance of God's actions. A human being can read and follow The Word and the rules (sometimes), but it has taken many years of study to even come close to understanding what God wanted the outcome of a PAST situation to be and why. How any "Christian" can determine what God wants in advance is simply ridiculous and arrogant.

    Okay. It's “asinine.”

    But “Christians” get their marching orders directly from God Himself, or so they believe. This saves them from accountability and it also saves them the trouble of actually reading the bible. They can therefore march forth without concern for the consequences of their actions and can even try to shame anyone they affect by their actions as “not having enough faith.”

    In their self-righteous fervor, these days, “Christians” can also focus their concentration on what they think is “God's Will,” instead of paying attention to what God has written and the way He wants them to behave.

  • I’ve seen people who asked for bread turned away from churches.

  • My family has been turned down for help from a church we attended regularly because we did not fill out a membership card.

  • My wife has been told by a church that she could not bake bread for the homeless because she was not an “official member.”

  • We attended one non-denominational church a few years ago, for several months, where they had a 10,000-member congregation but not one soul ever introduced themselves to our family except to tell us we parked in the wrong place.

  • In short, the only people I’ve been screwed by, hollered at by, interfered with by, judged by, stolen from by, ignored by and even attacked by have been… “Right-Wing Christians.”

    The nastiest things I’ve ever seen people do to others were done by “Christians,” and in God’s name, no less.

    So, although I believe in Jesus Christ, I am not nor will I ever again be a “Christian.” I’ve seen so much from these people I get the heebie-jeebies every time I go near a church.

    I’m a “Believer.”

    I believe that The Word should be shared literally and not used to beat the crap out of people who do not conform to someone else’s interpretation of it.

    I believe that ALL people are imperfect… not just the ones who do not attend church.

    I believe that ALL unfortunate people should be helped, as long as they are helping themselves, and not turned away, judged and shunned.

    It was Jesus who was crucified for some of these same beliefs. He was criticized and then crucified also for the company He kept.

    Who would Jesus be with and who would be surprised by His actions upon His return these days? Would Jesus be in a “Christian” church of ANY kind and amongst what sadly passes for “Christians”? Or, would Jesus be amongst the homeless people, the non-believers, the poorest, those who do not attend church? Would He also NOT be amongst criminals and murderers and prostitutes?

    Would He not be amongst the poor and homeless begging for bread outside a locked “Christian church” door?

    This country and the “Christian” church is being led by a bunch of Pharisaical robots who haven’t the slightest idea what “God’s Will” is and no idea whatever what Jesus would do.

    Jesus rarely kept company with those self-righteous people who KNEW what God Himself wanted (in fact it was those people who berated Him and had Him crucified). I don’t think He would do so now.

    I don’t think He will when He comes back.

    Wednesday, November 03, 2004

    ‘Ride with the Devil’

    I finally passed out around midnight last night, the election still in doubt and litigation a possibility.

    It’s a bit clearer this morning. The huge turnout and young voters did not materialize for John Kerry.

    This time, at least, George W. Bush had a majority of the popular vote. This is the only consolation for either candidate last night, aside from the presidency.

    It says nothing – absolutely nothing – FOR George W. Bush’s presidency over the past four years that he has won a squeaker of a race once again. When the smoke clears he will have won again. But, he has NOT won a “mandate.”

    Depending on which network you are watching this morning the current Electoral Vote tally is either 269-238 Bush or 254-252 Bush, without Ohio and with or without some other states. This is not “decisive” or an “endorsement” for the last four years of the failed Bush presidency.

    There are not enough votes left in Ohio for John Kerry to win that one. Hence, Bush will barely win the election. Kerry will concede sometime today is my guess.

    We desperately needed a decisive win either way yesterday. We needed to know if we are all on board the tragedy train or whether we have hope for a future. We now march along divided, at war and hated in the World.

    I suspect, like last time, regardless of the vote, the Bush people will spin this into a glorious and decisive win. It is neither. And that’s a shame.

    I hope the Bush supporters know what they are doing. They trust Bush on the war and the economy. They trust the guy who has failed at both of these issues to make them better.

    After the past four years I’m concerned that this same guy will have us in several more wars abroad, while we work in sweatshops – uninsured – for “Mega-Corp” and while we eat Soylent Green for breakfast, lunch and dinner.