Sunday, October 24, 2004

Special Birthday Post!


My daughter.

Born in 1992, it took a couple of years for Sheyanne to grow any hair. She was the baldest baby I’ve ever seen. Now, of course, she has much hair.

Sheyanne loves to sing and play the piano. She has recently taken to writing (although we still have much work to do on grammar and punctuation). Her latest efforts can be found on her blog.

Sheyanne knows the lyrics to every Olivia Newton John hit and plays the songs often (she is especially fond of the Grease soundtrack). Her singing is getting better all the time.

Sheyanne has a shoe fetish as well. I believe it is her intention to collect every sort of shoe known to human kind.

It is my daughter’s wish that we all go for breakfast and bowling this morning, in celebration of this day. We will also be picking up a huge cake for her.

I have no desire for this young lady to grow up, but Sheyanne IS growing up fast. She has all the marks of a fine and responsible young person. I wish I could take all or some of the credit, but I believe she has these traits naturally.

I’m very proud of her.


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