Saturday, October 30, 2004

'The Hunted'

Well… just when you think (as I wrote yesterday) that we may have a better hand to play in our future, along comes the joker in the deck.

Ever since the day of the 911 attacks – for reasons I cannot fathom – polls have indicated support for the man in charge who, through continued and demonstrated incompetence, allowed the terrorists to attack us in the first place… George W. Bush.

John Kerry, for months, has been trying to remind people of the fact that Bush allowed Osama to get away back in December of 2001, and that he hasn’t brought the terror leader to justice as promised. But, now, Bush might actually win the election because of it.

Ever since Tora Bora we haven’t seen hide nor hair of Osama Bin Laden. We were treated to several videos of him in the months after 911 but, then, he disappeared.

Several MOABs landing in the general vicinity of Tora Bora, where Osama was believed to be entrenched, led many to think that the bearded one might have been spending the years since then as a greasy spot against the wall of some Afghanistan cave.

But, as we saw on Friday, Osama is alive and well… although he is a bit older and his beard a bit grayer.

Osama actually looks pretty good for an aging terror leader who is being “hunted mercilessly.” There he was, again, on our televisions… just like he had never been gone at all. Osama was in fine form too, delivering his diatribe against the “US monarchy” and threatening another “Manhattan.”

What people should be asking is “WHY is Osama still on the loose?” Osama is rumored to be hiding in Eastern Afghanistan – a country we control! Hasn’t our great protector George W. Bush declared that we have been “on the hunt” for him and that we would get him “dead or alive”?

Which one of these things is Osama right now?

But, people won’t ask those questions. They also won’t answer mine: WHY, for Heaven’s sake, are we trusting the guy who has the worst track record of any president in history on “guarding our homeland” to guard us from future attacks?

If you can answer these questions you are wiser than I am. But, the polls reflect that people trust Bush more to protect us against what he has already failed to protect us against.

Now, to ensure reelection, thanks to Osama, all Bush has to do is raise the terror threat level. You know… change the color on the terror bar (a completely useless but effective exercise). We are at “yellow” right now (whatever that means), but, even with Osama’s help, I don’t think the color “orange” will get the desired numbers for Bush. No, he’ll need to order Tom Ridge to raise it to “red” this time.

That’ll bring in Ohio.


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