Wednesday, October 13, 2004

‘Bad Company’

The Internet news-junky world is abuzz about a new story from the Washington Times overnight.

'Chechen Terrorists Probed'.

It’s a scary story about a group of 25 Chechen terrorists who have crossed the border from Mexico and, apparently, are planning a terror attack sometime soon… perhaps in the Southwest United States.

According to the story these terrorists crossed into the country sometime in July, giving them time and a chance to blend into society in a variety of ways and, perhaps, near the targeted strike zone.

Several weeks ago a known terrorist was arrested in Iraq. This guy had on him a disk, which displayed the safety procedures for school districts throughout the United States.

The fact that these terrorists crossed into the country through Arizona and that this is where tonight’s debate is being held is causing some concern.

The good thing in this instance is that the debates were not even set in July, so this may not be the target.

Like many I am still concerned about the schools and a Beslan-type attack on one or more of our public schools in the southwest.

These terrorists are also not easily profiled. Chechens are white Muslims who could blend in easily as school bus drivers, kitchen help or many other ways in any community in the southwest.

I should note that this story is believable for several reasons; it is written and researched by Bill Gertz, the foremost national security reporter in the country. When Gertz reports on something you can be very sure it is correct and has sources high up in government. The paper, The Washington Times, is a very credible publication. This story would not see the light of day unless Gertz passed the particulars through the well-respected editors.

The story is also exactly what many have feared following the 911 attacks; that the next attack could easily come through our wide-open borders. The fact that we are expecting an attack prior to the election is another factor – and also not an irrational one.

Nothing would shake the citizens of this country more than an attack on our schools. Nothing would affect the upcoming election more.

Who these people plan to attack is the only speculation (they aren't here to pick blueberries). Personally, I believe there IS some evidence – and also a history now – that they may plan an attack on a school or several schools.

Be vigilant like you never have. Watch the activity at your child’s school closely.

Let’s pray that Gertz has this one wrong.


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